A big goal is built off of smaller goals to help you knock off tasks to get to that goal. It's the building block of success.






I'm Miyana Nicole

Starting my entrepreneur journey as a single mother was one of the scariest things I have done. Unsure about the income it would bring was hard. I was the sole provider and responsible for two children. I was living in an income-based apartment in Memphis TN and working two jobs. I was exhausted, burnt out, and only saw my children for 3 hours a day through the weekday. This wasn’t the life I wanted for myself or my kids. My desire was to give my kids a better lifestyle and support them in both academics and extra circular activities. I had no choice but to shift my mindset and step out on faith. 10 years later I’m glad I did. 

Now I use my own personal struggle and success to help people just like you  I’ll show you how to shift your mindset so you can think like a successful entrepreneur, earn more money, live authentically, and live the life you always desired. 

 If you didn't know Im a serial entrepreneur with experience in both service-based and product based businesses. I’ve worked as a hairstylist, realtor, and consultant and all yielded six figures. I even have two e-commerce stores that have done the same amount. Let's just say I believe in multiple streams of income. But my real passion is motivating and helping women that look like me to shift their mindset and create the life they desire. Not only to change their lives but also those around them.

My Story

I always knew I wanted to go far in life, so I worked hard to become the first person in my family to graduate from college. After graduation, I thought my future was a guaranteed success. Then once I started having to make student loan payments, my dreams of a better life seemed out of reach.

I felt frustrated and helpless, but I had worked too hard to let my dreams slip away. I dove into financial literacy and came up with a system that allowed me to eliminate debt, save more, and invest for my future. Now I empower others on their journey to financial freedom.


"Working with Miyana has changed my life. I now have consistent clients monthly and making 5 figures every month!"

- Tiffany Polk

"Last year I was working to make ends meet but Miyana finally convinced me to step out on faith. My side hustle is now my full-time career. 

- Bianca Bradley

"I didnt't think I could balance motherhood and being an entrepreneur but Miyana Showed me otherwise!"

- Ashtin King

Why I Do It

Once upon a time, I was once you. Hell, you might be better off than me. I was a single mother making only $11-$12 an hour and both of my jobs. I was burnt out stressed and depressed and never saw my children. I felt stuck and unsure of how to get myself out of that situation.

When I realized it was only a situation and not something that I had to accept for my life,  I pulled myself up off the floor and hit the floor running. See my mindset had to change! I wanted more for myself and I told myself once I figure this thing out I was going to make sure I gave back to women just like you.

When I was going through my trial and error of shifting my mindset and stepping into the world of entrepreneurship I had no one. Yes, I reached out to a lot of people just for advice and mentorship, and a lot of them either gave me the runaround or the bare minimum. So guess what! I put my head down and did the work on my own. I’ve failed so many times and lost so much money but I wouldn’t change my path for anything because it has taught me lessons both personal and business that I want to share with you.

A lot of people will teach you the bare minimum but I’m going to teach you everything I know! Mindset, how to handle money, business credit, resources, systems, automation, funnels, branding, marketing ad, scaling, and sooooo much more with NO FLUFF OR BS! 

Stick around it's your time now!


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